Pals Program


The Padrinos of Academics for LSPA Students (PALS) Mentorship Program is designed to help LSPA members share with each other their experiences and knowledge about UCI's numerous opportunities and resources for their own benefit and the benefit of others. As an organization that aspires to develop a sense of community within our organization, the PALS Mentorship Program offers its members the chance to interact with their academic familia to help one another because juntos crecemos mas fuerte (Together we grow stronger)!

The objective of the PALS Mentorship Program is to give LSPA members the opportunity to benefit from a mentoring relationship. PALS mentorship fosters a meaningful relationship of compradazgo between two students with common career goals/interests and is a highly effective way of transferring knowledge to help both the mentor and mentee prepare for their paths after completing their undergraduate degree.

As an organization, LSPA focuses and emphasizes the importance of fullfilling the five pillars (Practical Experience, Academics, Research, Leadership, and Communtity Service) to help our members become competitive candidates for graduate school. As such, the PALS Mentorship Program focuses on working towards helping its members fulfill their five pillars. Through PALS, mentees receive the resources and guidance they need while the mentors gain leadership experience.