Why Philosophy?


Form structured thoughts.

At a most basic level, philosophy is the study of thought. Philosophy requires that we harness the internal power of individual consciousness in order to properly separate what we want to think from what we should probably think. A separation which calls for an effective, reliable structure that lays the foundation for developing a broad approach to learning new concepts or skills.


Develop methods of learning.

There is seldom one approach to everything. By utilizing well structured thoughts we are able to construct a dynamic and diverse approach to each subject which enhances the learning experience of both individuals and groups. Philosophy integrates many coinciding and conflicting methodologies to try and ascertain a broad range of balanced perspectives. The combined awareness and understanding of many different approaches eventually culminates into a timeless and polished skillset.


Choose better actions.

We always have choices to make. An established infrastructure of learning maintained by a reliable foundation of thought generates more opportunities to make the right choice and potentially benefit from any situation. Having the ability to combine both the capacity for well structured thought with a variety of approaches increases the likelihood of making the most beneficial decision. Philosophy affords those dedicated to its study the ability to prepare for and to perform the best available action.