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An open and free space for all students interested in thought.

We host a wide array of events on several issues pertaining to philosophy. Including events such as discussions with curated presentation materials, guest lectures by members of the staff, open discussion forums, and more.

The Philosophy Club's goal is to transcend the boundaries of academic philosophy and open the space for all issues that foster our growth as inquirers.

Moreover, we wish to provide a safe, supportive, and welcoming environment for all students to embark on such inquiries. We will maintain trust and an ethos of respect for differing viewpoints. Members are expected to be considerate, open-minded, and patient when expressing their views and responding to others with which they disagree. We aim to have a diverse approach to texts and cultivate an inclusive outlook towards philosophical discussion.

Any and all Club activities, including Club membership, are open to any and all UCI students.

No prerequisite knowledge of philosophy is necessary. Our discussion and events intend to provide an introductory look at philosophy to initiate students formally into the topic.

To become official members of the Club, please attend Club events and/or approach the Team.

Member Benefits

  • Explore the UCI Philosophy program via the Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Learn about the UCI Philosophy professors and engage with their work
  • Understand why Philosophy is useful in and out of academia
  • Form a basic understanding of Philosophy
  • Develop or sharpen critical thinking and public speaking skills
  • Potentially develop or sharpen employability skills
  • Engage with a diverse, thriving community of like-minded individuals
  • Discuss a wide variety of topics in an open and inclusive forum









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