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Housed within the Division of Undergraduate Education, Student Success Initiatives (SSI) aim to provide students the personal, academic, and professional support and development to thrive and succeed at UCI and beyond. SSI is a learning community that empowers students to be productive and engaged in their academic careers and personal endeavors.









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Meeting new students with shared interest

Our Team

Tatiana Apelu Profile

Tatiana Apelu

Kenya Garay Profile

Kenya Garay

Jordie Conde Mendez Profile

Jordie Conde Mendez

Catherine Tarek Maximous Profile

Catherine Tarek Maximous

Naomi F. Pleitez Profile

Naomi F. Pleitez

Emily Navarrete Soto Profile

Emily Navarrete Soto

Catherine Benitez-Diaz Profile

Catherine Benitez-Diaz

Magaly Xitlalic Marin Profile

Magaly Xitlalic Marin

Katelyn Vuong Profile

Katelyn Vuong

Iris Janet Fuentes Profile

Iris Janet Fuentes

Sophia Yung Ma Profile

Sophia Yung Ma

Paula Medhat Abd El Malek Elias Profile

Paula Medhat Abd El Malek Elias

Carolina Lizeth Llerenas Profile

Carolina Lizeth Llerenas

May F. Souvandara-Phan Profile

May F. Souvandara-Phan

Inez Serna Rosales Profile

Inez Serna Rosales

Laura Zepeda Profile

Laura Zepeda

Alyssa Hernandez Profile

Alyssa Hernandez

Madilyn Victoria Salgado Profile

Madilyn Victoria Salgado

Albert Huang Wen Yang Profile

Albert Huang Wen Yang

Rosemary Sanchez Profile

Rosemary Sanchez

Ananda Van Boeyen Profile

Ananda Van Boeyen

Katherine Johana Trujillo Profile

Katherine Johana Trujillo

Trish Cam Ly Profile

Trish Cam Ly

Aayushma Kayastha Profile

Aayushma Kayastha

Mariden Alfaro Odvina Profile

Mariden Alfaro Odvina

Mellissa Escobar Profile

Mellissa Escobar

Nikki Joyce Khong Profile

Nikki Joyce Khong

Jun Jang Profile

Jun Jang

Kevin Trang Profile

Kevin Trang

Dianna Mendoza Profile

Dianna Mendoza

Brighitte Preciado Profile

Brighitte Preciado

Mariana Ramirez Profile

Mariana Ramirez

Wiley George Wilson Profile

Wiley George Wilson

Martha Contreras Profile

Martha Contreras

Joanna M. Hernandez Profile

Joanna M. Hernandez

Carrisa Batya Jacob Profile

Carrisa Batya Jacob

Adeeva Myers Profile

Adeeva Myers

Laney Stucki Profile

Laney Stucki

Alejandro Vazquez Rodriguez Profile

Alejandro Vazquez Rodriguez

Isha Bhatt Profile

Isha Bhatt

Kevin Huie Profile

Kevin Huie

Kathy Dong Profile

Kathy Dong

Olivia Angeli Romero Profile

Olivia Angeli Romero

Sei Lee Profile

Sei Lee

Cynthia Lemus Profile

Cynthia Lemus

Kaye Bilbao Regalado Profile

Kaye Bilbao Regalado

Michelle Y Le Profile

Michelle Y Le


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