Meet the Team!

Angie Quagletti


Hey everyone! I'm Angie! I am the President and Founder of the CSA, as well as a 4th year Cognitive Science major. I started the Cognitive Science Association near the end of my sophomore year to build a community of students interested in cognitive science and help students find the resources, opportunities, and labs I wish I had during my early undergraduate. I volunteer in the Working Memory and Plasticity (WMP) Lab, where I currently work on developing cognitive ability training tasks, specifically fluid intelligence. I went to the Orange County High School of the Arts for Classical Voice, where I learned to classically sing. In my free time, I watch Bob Ross paint, criminal cases on youtube (JCS Criminal Psychology), play Minecraft, and board games (Settlers of Catan, Forbidden Island/Desert, Dominion, and more). Feel free to ask me any questions you have about life, cognitive science careers, labs, and anything else by emailing me: I'm so excited to have you in the CSA!

Mackenzie Kephart

Vice President

HEY HOWDY HEY! Welcome to my channel. Just incase you wanted to know a little bit about me - I am a fourth year Cognitive Science Major, who is also in disciplinary honors and the Campuswide Honors Program. I am currently doing research in the Computation of Language Lab on modeling metaphor comprehension in individuals with ASD. I want to pursue a career that improves speech and fine motor skills for kids with severe developmental disabilities (including but not limited to ASD). In my free time I used to go to Disneyland often, I love watching true crime shows, any cooking show about Gordon Ramsey, and I love cooking! If you ever wanna chat, hmu!

Dean Choi

Communications Chair

Hello Anteaters! I transferred from a community college and now in a fourth year for Psychology B.A. I've been in communities of neurological disorders for several years, which inspired me to pursue a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience to contribute to the field of research for patients; specifically for memory. I am currently a research assistant in Sleep and Cognition Lab, run by Professor Sara Mednick, which I love since it's directly related to what I want to do in my future career. Feel free to ask any questions! Outside of academia, I can win any trivia of The Office.

Kiana Gee


Hi friends! My name is Kiana and I am the CSA secretary! This is my first year at UCI and I’m in the process of switching from a Social Ecology major to Cognitive Science. Here are a few fun facts about me: I’m from San Francisco, addicted to boba and anything Disney, and have been a long time fan of Avatar the Last Airbender and FRIENDS (both shows keep me sane). I’m excited to meet all of you (hopefully in person one day), so feel free to chat with me anytime!