Meet the Team!

Kiana Gee


Hello everyone!

My name is Kiana and I am the president of the Cognitive Science Association! I'm a fourth-year Cognitive Science B.S. major, and I am currently working as an RA in the Development of Social Cognition lab under Dr. Nadia Chernyak. I'm interested in studying child development and language science, and I really enjoy working with people.

Here are a few fun facts about me: I'm from San Francisco, addicted to boba and anything Disney, and have been a long time fan of Avatar the Last Airbender. In my free time, I enjoy drawing/painting, playing music and board games, and hanging out with family and friends.

If you have any questions about the cogsci major or the process of transferring into it (as I have also done), feel free to reach out to me at any time. I really love getting to meet people, so don't be afraid to say "hi" if you spot me on campus!

Enya Walker

Internal Vice President


My name is Enya, and I’m the Cognitive Science Association’s Internal VP. I’m a fourth-year Psych B.S. major with a passion for doing research in the intersection of psychology and neurobiology. Although I’m currently an RA in the Beier Lab (I study the neural circuits underlying depression in mouse models) I aim to someday turn my education and experience into a career doing applied neuroscientific research in industry.

Outside school, I love hiking, skiing, creative writing, and playing my violin. On top of that, if you have good recipes for baking, please let me know! I want to hear all about it.

I’m always happy to answer questions about the Psych major, research opportunities, or the best mouse lab at UCI—so reach out anytime! It’ll be great getting to know you all this year.

Katelyn Luc

External Vice President

Hai everyone! My name is Katelyn Luc. I am the Cognitive Science Association's VP External. I am a Junior who has just switched into the Cognitive Science major. I was interested in majoring in Cognitive Science because of how versatile my career choices would be while pursuing it. Furthermore, I am deciding on becoming a UI/UX designer. I have not participated in any research labs, however, some research topics that I would love to explore is memory and perception, sleep and cognition, and visual perception. Which I plan on getting involved this year.

Some fun facts about me are that I am from the 626 area! I was born in San Gabriel and have been living there for 16 years. I enjoy watching kdramas, anime, working out, hanging out with friends, and drawing/painting. If you have any show recommendations please let me know! My favorite genres would have to be thriller and comedy.

I hope to meet everyone in person, and join my committee hehe

Jacob Camino


Hello everybody!

My name is Jacob and I am the treasurer of the Cognitive Science Association. I’m a second year Cognitive Science B.S. major, and I’m interested in studying the computational aspect of it. I have not participated in any research labs, but I’m interested in pursuing research in VR and brain-computer interfaces.

In my free time, I consume all kinds of Japanese media: anime, manga, JRPGs, light novels, visual novels, music, you name it. I also enjoy watching baseball and hanging out with friends.

If you have any questions about Cognitive Science or the computational aspect of it, feel free to reach out! I look forward to meeting you all!

Yajaira Soto Navarro


Hello everyone!

My name is Yajaira, and I’m the Secretary of the Cognitive Science Association. I am a fourth-year Psychology B.S. student with a minor in Biology. I am currently working as a research assistant at The Craig School under Dr. Schuck. I have many internet regarding psychology but my main focus as of now is to study neuro child and adolescent development. My ultimate goal is to become a child/adolescent clinical psychologist and own my own practice.

A couple of fun facts about me are that I own a beautiful black labrador, who I love to take to the beach. I grew up in Long Beach and I am an only child. I love binge-watching Netflix series, my favorites are crime documentaries. I enjoy any aspect of cooking. I like to believe it’s a form of a de-stressor. If you have any good series or cooking recipes I love to hear about them.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out.

Angel Lai

Communications Chair

Hi, my name is Angel and I’m a third year neurobiology major. I am originally from Taiwan but have been living in the US since I was 14. I am currently an undergraduate research assistant in Wood Lab learning about drug associated memories in mice models.

This year, I am serving as the communication chair for CSA as well as Peer Research Advisor for International Student Excellence Program (ISEP). If you have any questions regarding research, classes, or anything don't be hastiest to hit me up!

Outside of my academic life, I enjoy scuba diving, hiking and being around animals. I also love photography, painting and digital art.

I hope to see you in our CSA meeting!