Campuswide Honors is a great place to get started at UCI! The thriving honors community is filled with students of all years, majors, backgrounds, experiences, and interests. Like any vibrant community, Campuswide Honors is at its best when every member engages or contributes in some way. Living in honors housing, taking honors classes, attending Campuswide Honors Students Council meetings, and going to honors events are just a few ways to get involved with this community.

Community Values

Honors comes from the Latin "honos " for integrity, dignity, and reputation. UCI Honors has a great reputation because you and the students before you exemplify the following honors values

Act ethically

Keep your commitments

Subscribe to the ideal of academic integrity

Accept individual responsibility for your own work and actions

Participate in the Honors community actively and respectfully

Listen to others and respect how they want to be treated

Rise to challenges and give your best efforts

Embody a spirit of collaboration and gratitude

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