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Art Activism utilizes Volunteering and Art Exhibitions to uplift Women and the LGBTQ+ community! We're a Service Org that aims to benefit the community while giving our members hands on experience. Our Volunteering comes in the form of workshops for the community. This can range from campus hosted paint workshops open to the public, to trips to local elementary schools to provide paint workshops and art opportunities to children! Our Art Exhibitions consist of open art galleries hosted on campus spaces! These galleries consist of hundreds of art pieces, an opening reception show, a week minimum of open gallery, and more! Through the galleries and shows our members set up, student will practice skills like curation, web/graphic design, outreach, event planning, navigating logical hurdles, campaigns, budgeting/effective spending, reserving spaces, designing gallery arrangements, hands on experience assembling galleries, developing and dispersing media, and hosting the event itself. All of these opportunities make Art Activism an effective tool for all who aim to influence the art world. This includes art majors and non-art majors alike. Everyone, no matter their skillset, has something essential they can bring to these projects, and something valuable they can take away from them. Art Activism is a sister org of Art Club Collective! Though our missions and functions are different, we both aim to support the same communities. The primary different between the two being one is a Service Org while the other is a Social Org!









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Art Activism (formerly Art Festival at UCI)

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