GLAS | Artificial Intelligence Regulation in China and AI Use in Legal Work

by School of Law

Academic Law Law - General Public Law - GLAS Law - HP Law - Students

Mon, Apr 22, 2024

10 AM – 12 PM PDT (GMT-7)

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Law Building (LAW), LAW 3600

401 East Peltason Drive, Irvine , CA 92697, United States




The UCI Law Center in Globalization, Law, and Society welcomes Professor Mingwei Liu and Kaichen (KC) Xu for discussions on Artificial Intelligence Regulation in China and AI Use in Legal Work.

Mingwei Liu - Workplace Artificial Intelligence Regulation in China: Between Efficiency and Security

China has emerged as a global leader in the regulation of artificial intelligence (AI). Through an examination of nearly 100 national-level AI-related policies and regulations, especially focusing on their implications for the workplace, we contend that the Chinese Party-State adopts an instrumental approach in crafting AI policies and regulations. This approach seeks to strike a balance between the objectives of techno-development and the economic, social, and political security of the Party-State. Although public input sometimes shapes labor-friendly regulations, the predominant focus on economic growth, social stability, and political security renders workers vulnerable to the influence of AI, tech firms, and the overarching legal and political framework.

Mingwei Liu is a Professor and Associate Dean for Research at the School of Management and Labor Relations, Rutgers University, and the Founding-Director of the Center for Global Work and Employment. His research focuses on Chinese labor and human resource issues, high performance work systems, labor standards in global supply chains, and the impact of technology in the workplace.

Kaichen (KC) Xu - How to Think About AI and Actually Use It

KC will discuss the application of AI technology in legal work. He will present an analytical framework to think about AI's impact on the legal sector and practical skills for applying it in legal work. He will also demonstrate how legal professionals can turn their legal expertise into AI applications.

Kaichen (“KC”) Xu is the Co-Founder of AI Lawyer Lab, an AI learning platform designed for legal professionals, enabling them to transform their legal expertise into AI applications. He has been a partner at several international law firms, including DLA Piper, Bird & Bird, and Zhonglun, and has served as general counsel for a private equity firm and a unicorn tech company. Throughout his legal career, he has endeavored to enhance the efficiency of legal services using lean methodology and technology.