IEFV | Domestic Violence, Child Custody Litigation, and Firearm Fatality Prevention

by School of Law

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Wed, Dec 13, 2023

10 AM – 3 PM PST (GMT-8)

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Newkirk Alumni Center

450 Alumni Court, Irvine, C 92697, United States

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Domestic Violence, Child Custody Litigation, and Firearm Fatality Prevention: Policy and Practical Insights from Courageous Moms, National Experts, and Leading Legislators

This full-day convening will focus on firearm fatality prevention in the context of domestic violence and child custody litigation. Courageous mothers will share their insights on critical actions that could have saved their children’s lives. Lesley Hu (with Cody Dougherty) will explain “Pierce’s Pledge,” for family law attorneys to have clients commit to safe off-site storage of firearms during family law proceedings. Participants will be moved to action by Christy Camara, author of Can I Still Be Funny After My Son's Murder? Memories and Grief With a Splash of Sarcasm — My Life Before and After Wyland’s Tragic Death. Senator Dave Min will discuss California’s legislative leadership to reduce firearm fatalities and domestic violence. National expert Julia Weber will address law, policy, and practical steps to make a difference. The convening also features Professor Jane Stoever reporting on the Orange County Domestic Violence Death Review Team’s study of the past decade of fatalities, with lessons for our county and beyond, and Teri Thomas and local agencies sharing innovative measures for domestic violence and firearm fatality prevention. Together, participants can commit to life-saving actions and policies.

Speakers Include:

Christy Camara, Author
Jacob D. Charles, Associate Professor of Law, Pepperdine Caruso School of Law
Cody Dougherty, Team Lead, Gun Storage, Pierce’s Pledge
Leslie Hu, Founder, Pierce’s Pledge
Dave Min, California State Senator
Jane Stoever, Clinical Professor of Law and Director, Domestic Violence Clinic and UCI Initiative to End Family Violence, UCI Law
Teri Thomas, Principal Operations Analyst, Domestic Violence Firearm Relinquishment Program, Orange County Superior Court
Julia F. Weber, Esq., MSW, Consultant

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Newkirk Alumni Center

450 Alumni Court, Irvine, C 92697, United States