Tue, Apr 18, 2023

12:30 PM – 2:30 PM PDT (GMT-7)

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The 3-workshop series will be hosted at the GPSRC and facilitated by Dr. Jessica Eldridge from the UCI Counseling Center in collaboration with the POWER Initiative.

Why Make Things? is an experiential workshop series developed to promote the use of handmade crafts as tools for well-being/self-care, sustainability practices, and advocacy. With embroidery as the medium, each workshop targets a different reason for why making things is beneficial.

All materials and instruction will be provided to all participants, who will work on a simple embroidery project during the workshop. NO experience is necessary. Learning new skills can be intimidating, and we will focus on coping with anxiety and building frustration tolerance, as well as learn to appreciate mistakes and imperfection in handmade work.

Workshop 1 - Stitch to Heal
Addresses the act of making (specifically embroidery) as a technique for managing emotions, promoting authenticity of the self, increasing well-being, and experiencing the flow state. Participants are invited to consider the act of making by hand as a form of mindfulness and an act of self-care.

Workshop 2 - Stitch to Repair
Explores the magnitude and impact of pollution from the fashion industry and introduces sustainable alternatives to fast fashion, including ways to repair and extend the life of clothing. Stitches taught in this workshop are used to repair and reinforce clothing to lengthen its life and decrease the need for replacements.

Workshop 3 - Stitch to Advocate
Highlights making by hand as a way to advocate for social justice. Crafting, specifically fiber arts, provides an avenue for people to use their voices to bring awareness to and/or express dissent with issues. Examples of "craftivism" (activism through craft) will be explored, and participants are invited to consider ways to express their voices through embroidery.

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