FUSION offers numerous opportunities for general members to grow professionally, socially, and academically.  Learn more about them below!

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General Member Spotlight

Enjoy the energy from a general member in FUSION?  Feel free to nominate them using the form below to give them a shoutout!

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Year-long Activities

Academics & Engineering

Engineering Project Application

FUSION offers an opportunity for those who'd like to boost their project experience and stand out from their peers! Click the link below to learn about what we're offering this year!

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Workshop Interest Form

Our Academics Director works hard to provide general members with opportunities to excel academically. Click the link below to learn about our upcoming workshop!

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Study Hours

We want all of our members to succeed in their classes!  Join fellow FUSION members and our academics director to get some help on a certain subject!

Where and When: Mondays from 5-7pm on the FUSION Discord



Family Head Application

Want to help our members settle in to our club? Click the link below to learn more about what it means to be a Family Head and apply!

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Mentorship Application

Interested in showing another student the ropes?  Looking for someone to guide you through this maze called life? Click the link below to learn more about our mentorship program and apply!

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Internship Application

Curious about what it takes to keep all of our programs fun and engaging? Click the link below to learn more and let's have a chat!

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General Meetings

Join us every Wednesday for an exciting new FUSION event with your peers!  You may complete in a game, learn Pinoy culture, or simply hang out and distress!

Where and When: Wednesdays at 7pm on Zoom


Learning remotely means more time online!  Join FUSION members on our discord server as we game together!  From Jackbox to Minecraft, we will have a game for all!

Where and When:  Mondays from 7-9pm on the FUSION Discord

FUSION Fridays

On Fridays, FUSION hosts a special event for all members to hangout!  With events such as movie nights, it's sure to be a good time!

Where: Look to Facebook for more information



The FUSION Podcast

Listen in as our very own Secretary interviews FUSION alumni, asking about what they thought about FUSION and where they are in life! Sign up if you are interested in giving us a hot take!

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Day in the Life of FUSION

Have something to share during remote learning? Submit a video of it to FUSION and have it showcased in a compilation posted on our YouTube channel!

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