Introducing our newest fundraiser product: FUSION Merch!

Due to the pandemic, FUSION is unable to sell Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs on campus to fill your tummies and brighten your mood. But...we have come up with an alternative to keep you happy and stylish than ever: FUSION Merchandise!!!

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General Member Shirt

Limited to general members of FUSION, own a nice t-shirt fit for those with FUSION pride!  Become a general member to recieve one!


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Fall Merch

Discord Emoji Collection

Get full-sized stickers of the emojis used on our very own FUSION Discord server!  Made by the 2019-2020 Publicity Director Allana Ilagan, this little guy will surely give off bundles of joy!



FUSION Love - $1

Express your love for something or someone!

FUSION Boba - $1

Boba is a UCI icon, so why not show it off with pride!

FUSION Laughing - $1

A little laughter goes a long way in this pandemic to give someone joy!

FUSION Crying - $1

School is tough.  Why not express your sadness during your next project or final!

FUSION Clothing Collection

Rep FUSION by wearing our clothing line!  While being stylish, you can show the world your involvement in the FUSION community!


"FUSION Globe" Long Sleeve - $15

Represent our cultural side through FUSION globe shirt!  Not only can you rep FUSION, but you can showcase your Filipinx roots and where they led you today!

"Sun-Gear" Embroidered Bucket Hat - $25

Get a bucket hat featuring our FUSION logo.  Stylish and showcases FUSION. What's not to like?

Winter Merch


FUSION's winter apparel hoodie - $20

Get your hands on FUSION's winter apparel hoodies for this year. You can find the winning design made by our very own JD Libramonte, so congratulations to him!

Spring Merch


Sun-Gear Fidget Spinner - $8

Don't miss out on a 3D printed fidget spinner of FUSION's own sun-gear logo! (pictured above is the first paint test--the final product will be sanded down smooth and painted more evenly! The picture will be updated soon, but this is to give a rough idea of how they're looking)


FUSION Feet (socks, guys. socks.) - $10

You guys asked (well, some of you) and we delivered. Own a pair of your very own FUSION feet! unless specified below as a comment, you will receive 1 sun, 1 gear as a set pair.