Check out these other Organizations!

FUSION is proud to have relations with clubs and organizations related to Filipino culture and Engineering!  We frequently go to their meetings or have collaborations, and all are an enjoyable experience!  Below are links to their pages, so go check them out!


We are underneath the Alyansa Umbrella!

We are just one of a few clubs underneath the UCI Pilipinx umbrella organization of Alyansa!  Check out the main facebook group or another Alyansa organization!



One of the largest collegiate Pilipinx-American organizations in California

Emphasizes the academic, community, cultural, political, and social aspects of the Pilipinx experience!



Pilipinx-Americans in Social Studies

An Alyansa organization that focuses on helping Pilipinxs/Filipinxs and other minorities within fields of business, law, social sciences and ecology!



Pilipinx Pre-health Undergraduate Student Organization

An Alyansa organization supporting Filipinos in the health field!




The Filipino American Society of Architects and Engineers of Southern California

A So-Cal organization dedicated to advocate and promote the advancement and professional growth of Filipino American Architects and Engineers for the public good!




Pilipinos In Engineering and Science

UCLA's Premiere Pilipino Engineering and Applied Science club!  Also our sister organization!