Donating will go towards purchasing parts, testing our vehicles, and helping the Baja team prepare for future events.

Anteater Baja Racing SAE

Anteater Baja Racing team is made up of UCI's talented engineering students who work towards the goal of designing, manufacturing, and testing an off-road vehicle to compete in the intercollegiate Baja SAE competition.


Baja SAE is a SAE Collegiate Design Series event that will feature student teams representing 100 universities across the world. Baja SAE competitions are overseen by a dedicated group of industry professionals and involve technical and safety inspections to ensure rules compliance for each system, presentations for teams to discuss their designs with industry professionals, and dynamic events in which students race their cars for direct comparison in several performance categories: Acceleration, Maneuverability, Hill Climb, Suspension, and Endurance. Each presentation and event scores points for the overall competition.