Wed, Apr 20, 2022

4:40 PM – 6:40 PM PDT (GMT-7)

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Brazil, the country with the largest Black population outside of Africa, is dramatically impacting the film industry.  A new generation of mostly young filmmakers is changing the historical absence of Afro-descendents in almost all sectors of the film industry, an arena from which Black women have been doubly excluded. The last decade has seen a growing body of films with a diverse set of approaches to cinema which challenge the historical flattening of representations of Black life in Brazil.

20 April 2022 - Day Three: Temporada and República
Screening of short "Rep├║blica" followed by screening of feature length-film┬áTemporada┬á(Long Way Home,┬á2018, 113') and Q&A [with the director André Novais] with director/actress Grace Pass├┤

Screening Series:

6 April 2022 - Day One: Roots of Afro-Brazilian Cinema 
Opening talk by K├¬nia Freitas followed by screening of Raquel Gerber's┬á├örí: A reconstruç├úo da identidade negra no Brasil (The Reconstruction of Black Identity in Brazil,┬á1989) and Zózimo Bulbul's┬áAlma no Olho┬á(Soul in the Eye, 1973)┬á

27 April 2022 - Day Four: Shorts and New Directions
Screening of 4-5 shorts followed by a round-table with the directors
Yuri Costa (Egum) 
Naira Evine (O Dia Que Resolvi Voar)
Diego Paulino (Negrum3) 
Larissa Lima (Vó, a Senhora é Lésbica?)

4 May 2022 -┬áDay Two:┬á┬áCafé com Canela - 2 p.m.┬á
Screening of feature length-film┬áCafé com Canela┬á(Coffee with Cinnamon,┬á2017, 104') followed by Q&A with the director Glenda Nicácio

Contact information: Keiji Kunigami or Adriana Johnson,  Registration is open.

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